Month: May 2018

Pattern Hair Loss in Women

Studies show that millions of men suffer from pattern hair loss, but less is known about this condition in women, yet it occurs in nearly the same measure. Until recently, women had a few viable options to handle this condition, but research and technology have changed this.

It is called pattern hair loss because the hair inside a certain region experiences thinning, and eventually falls out. Hair outside this zone continues to grow well. This has led to the growth of the hair transplant industry because hair that is transplanted into this zone continues to grow properly.

Women and Pattern Hair Loss

In men, pattern hair loss leaves enough healthy hair regions for transplanting to the affected area. This is not the same case with women. For women, the hair loss usually occurs across the scalp, making it harder for them to get a hair transplant. However, the extent of hair loss in men is extensive and limited to a small part of the head, while in women it is less extensive and spread across the scalp.

What Most Women Do

The first thing that a woman does when faced with this dilemma is to go for hair thickening products, hoping that the issue will be handled once and for all. They opt for thickening mists, sprays and more, but this cannot work on naturally thinning hair. Eventually, the hair thins to that point that no amount of thickening spray hides the fact that you are losing hair.

The reason is that you are focusing on the wrong part of the hair. Instead of focusing on the living part, which is the hair follicle, you are busy spraying tons of mist on the non-living part, which is usually the visible hair.

Another thing that cannot work as you expect is the scalp massage. The theory has it that by massaging the scalp, you pull more oxygenated blood to it and make the hair grow thicker. Massaging the scalp with the invigorating scalp oils makes a good promise, but what you are massaging in the real sense is money into the oil company’s bank account.

The issue is not the scalp at all – it is all about the genetic factors that cannot be changed by use of hair vitamins.

What you need is to target the cause of the thinning hair. You can go here to learn more about the trends that make your hair more healthy, and those that damage it.

How to Choose the Best Trap for Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes mean to hunt you down and give you a sleepless night. They use their compound eyes to spot you and can detect your smell from meters away. The good thing is the highly sensitive receptors lead them straight to traps!

Traps from Bug Shock work by mimicking the behaviour or sight of the prey, fooling the mosquitoes into thinking that there is a meal at hand, only to get into a trap and end up dead!

With the availability of several traps on the market, it usually becomes hard to choose the perfect one for your needs. A look at the available traps on the market reveals hundreds of traps, all with different features; it is imperative that you know how to pick the best.

How do you ensure that you have the best trap that suits your needs?

Take Time

Take some time to review what kind of traps are on the market and what each offers. You then need to tailor the features to your needs. During this time, you also need to review the testimonials left behind by previous users. These testimonials allow you to see what kind of experience you plan to enjoy once you buy the specific trap.

You can even get some tips from previous users on how to choose the perfect brand for your home.

Use the Internet

One of the top ways to get information regarding the trap is the internet. Browse through different websites and learn more about the traps before making a choice. You can also check out manufacturer pages so that you know more about what the trap offers. This gives you a clear idea of the product at hand.

Check the Features

The features of the trap determine what kind to buy. Choose a product that fits in the home and consider a product that can be placed in the right spot in the home.

Placing the trap in the right spot is essential to the results that you get. Your personal preferences also appear at this point.

Your Budget

These traps come with different features. These features are the ones that dictate how much you pay for the trap. Make sure you choose the trap depending on what you deem is essential in the home.

In Closing

Mosquitoes are insects that make it hard for you to focus on anything. You need to keep them away from you and your family using the perfect trap.

How to Enjoy Wine Like a Pro

It might come as a surprise, but many of the people that allege to drink wine like professionals do not know what they are doing at all. Do not worry though; it is not hard to learn the wine etiquette at all.

Let us give you some tips to help you change your wine experience for the better.

Choose the Perfect Wine

If you have taken wine for some time now, you know that not all wine is the same. So, do not make the rookie misstate of picking just any kind of wine for this purpose. Some wine is ideal for accompanying foods, while some is taken free.

Taking just any wine makes it hard for you to enjoy it the way you should. If you stick to these rules, you are bound to look classy and composed.

Use a Wine Opener to Pop the Cork

Even before you go ahead to choose the wine you prefer, you need to have the right tools to open the wine bottle. Gone are those days when you had to force the cork out manually. Nowadays all that you need is a wine opener from Pop a Cork so that you can avoid the spills and messes that can occur.

On this note, be sure to visit wine shops to look at the various kinds of wine openers that you can use for your needs.

Sipping the Wine Right

The experience of sipping wine varies depending on the kind of glass you use. The best glass to use is the stemmed wine glass. This kind of glass offers you a great grip. Make sure you grasp the base firmly and inhale the wine before you take a sip.

Great wine smells good, and the mere smell of the wine makes you want to bring the glass closer to your lips for an uninhibited sip.

Never gulp the wine, instead take a series of sips slowly so that you enjoy the wine.

Additionally, take the wine in moderation. You would not want to get high especially at a dinner party.

Finally…Making the Perfect Toast

Toasting is part of taking wine; therefore learn to do it the right way. When you propose a toast, you can choose to sit or stand. You then make a statement while holding the wine in your hands. Everyone should then get on their feet and take a sip from their glasses. Make sure you clink carefully so that you do not break your wine glass.

Treadmill Use in the Home: Safety is Paramount

Using a treadmill to tone your body can be pretty safe, and it is for the most part. However, accidents still happen, especially because this equipment is powered by a motor that can lead to loss of balance. This can lead to sprains, bruises, broken bones and at times even death.

With this said, it is vital for you to know what to do and what not to do on the treadmill so that you stay safe and achieve your workout goals.

Understand Your Health Status

Sometimes the injury on a treadmill arises from a cardiovascular accident, for instance, a stroke or a heart attack. These conditions are common in males who are 55 years or older suffering from high-stress levels. So, before you get on the treadmill at least make sure you are in good health.

Watch Out for Signs of Trouble

If you feel some tightness in the chest, or light-headedness or shortness of breath, stop the workout and consult a doctor. All these are warning signs of an impending health problem. Don’t continue exercising to see what it is, but call your physician immediately to find out what the issue is.

Understand the Mechanism

You need to learn more about how the treadmill works and the various safety features that come with the treadmill. You also ought to learn where the safety mechanism is located and how it works. Usually, this mechanism pulls away from the machine in case of any mishap and shuts it down to prevent injuries.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

You need to stay focused when exercising on the treadmill. Running or jogging while reading or watching TV at the same time can be dangerous because you can miss your step and fall. Start the e workout at a slow pace while being aware of the treadmill belt. Stay focused till you get the perfect rhythm before you can attempt to do anything else.

Make Sure the Treadmill is Working Perfectly

You need to make sure the treadmill is running perfectly before you use it. If you notice anything amiss, then don’t use the mill until you fix it. Additionally, it is always wise to get a high-quality mill right at the start. A well-constructed treadmill is easy to maintain and handle, and it reduces the risk of accidents when you are training. One expert spoke about the need for the perfect treadmill, follow the advice.

In Closing

Make sure you take time to understand the safety aspects of the treadmill so that you avoid accidents in the home.