I’m going to make it easy for myself here because it’s 6 AM already and I’m almost down half a bottle of Johnny Walked [red label], as my employer doesn’t pay me enough to afford the green or the blue one ;)

This will be a comparison of this extremely detailed post that brought me a lot of inspiration for this very post, amazing isn’t it!?!

So let’s get STARTED!

I am going to shuffle it up a little bit or he might think that I simply copied that post, and we can’t have that. To avoid losing track I start from bottom to top, which is freaking genius on itself.

In case you think I’m buying time here I’m not, I just want to reach my word count before I run out of ideas.


Probably the cheapest one at 250 followers for seventeen bucks, just wow.


Holy shit, the author talks about shady pricing, so no prices are mentioned.


At $50/month a steal, or not? It could also be for six months, no one knows.


Handle up to ten accounts for $20/month, not a bad deal I guess.

Managed Social

100 new followers each month for just $23, quite a deal that is.


I’ve seen that name before and at $14/week for 100 likes you can’t break the bank.

Magic Social

A rather unfamiliar one with plans starting at $15/month, why not give it a shot.

Like Social

I’m probably going to dream about social tonight as it just keeps on popping up, at 10 bucks a week for 50 likes I suppose it’s worth trying out, you might be surprised by the results it gets you.

Rise Social

First time I misread it for rice, and as I live in Asia I liked it right away, but then it turned out it has nothing to do with that. They are more like a scheduler and their prices reflect that, as the scheduling of 50 posts sets you back eight dollars, making this pretty much a no-brainer.

Social Steeze

Topping the list, with a price starting at $39/month and a multitude of options this is probably the one you want to give a try. It’s definitely not the cheapest but by looking at their website and what they offer I think it makes a decent choice. Perhaps you can inform if they have a moneyback guarantee just in case it’s not what you expected.

Well, there you have it, 10 growth services in only 400 words.

Have at it!