Instagram isn’t like it used to some years back. Now, you have to work harder to stand out. Still, you can increase your presence if you know what to do. These tips will help set you apart from your competitors.

Perfect the Art of Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are the in-thing right now. As organic searches for regular posts take a dip, Stories are playing a crucial role when it comes to engaging your followers. See, Stories appear on the Instagram explore page, giving people who don’t follow a chance to discover your brand. And, if they like what they see, there’s every probability that they’ll follow you. So, make sure that you have an active story on your account always.

Use a Growth Service

You may not have the time to map out a solid growth strategy. But, you can use an Instagram growth service. Still, don’t spend your money on the first company that comes your way. You need to be sure that you’re investing your cash with the right service to get value. Visit Trust Advisor to read more about SocialCaptain, an Instagram growth service that has mixed reactions from real users. Check out reliable alternative while you’re at it.

Find the Right Hashtags

Hashtags offer an excellent way to make your brand discoverable. And, you can use as many as 30 hashtags for each of your posts. Make sure that you select hashtags with a purpose. Avoid general hashtags and go with the ones that describe your brand, the goal of your account, your location and target market. Also, consider using hashtags that have a large community around them to create more engagement. Don’t forget to use different tags for your photos or posts. Avoid copy pasting tags over and again to avoid looking spammy.

The Bottom Line

Did you know that Instagram is now pulling over one billion users per month? Yes, that’s how big this social media platform is. In essence, this means that you can take your brand to the next level if you know what to do to solidify your presence on Instagram.

Find opportunities to get you featured in the press. Or, you podcast interviews and post them on your account. Other than that, do guest posts on other people’s blogs to draw more followers. Remember, when people hear about your brand, product or service, they’re likely to search you on Instagram before heading over to Google.