Are Bug Zappers Effective and How Do They Catch Bugs and Protect You from Bug Bites

Bug zappers are quite essential in moist and damp areas. They can give you bug bites causing skin allergies and infections. The bug zappers are designed to capture and kill different species of bugs and keep your home bug free. These zappers electrocute bugs and also kill flies and mosquitoes. They are available in the shape of a lantern. Most of the frames have a wire mesh that can be electrically charged to zap the bugs.

How the zappers work

According to Bug Shock, There is a bulb fixed inside the lantern like zapper that attracts the bugs and kills them. The zappers are made from grounding materials such as plastic. They contain a mesh, a frame, a power supply, and an ultraviolet bulb. This bulb is surrounded by the wire mesh in the zapper. There are two wire meshes that are separated by a small gap, so the bugs cannot escape till they are electrocuted.

How potent is a zapper

  • When the bugs hit a mesh, they experience an electric shock that burns their bodies
  • The dead bugs are collected in a tray under this lantern like zapper
  • They do not cause any harm to humans or pets when they touch them
  • This is not effective for killing mosquitoes because they are not attracted to the light
  • They use a voltage of 2000v to zap and kill bugs that touch the mesh

Get a bug zapper for home

This is effective equipment that is useful for home and gardens for killing bugs. The bug shock therapy for bugs is most effective for humans and animals. You can keep your family safe from insect and bug infestation. This equipment can be used across different regions regardless of the climatic conditions.


Bug zappers come in plenty designs and shapes. A few are also available in the shape of an electric bat and can be handy to kill bugs and mosquitoes. They are battery operated, and prove to be an alternative to the lantern variety of the zapper.