Common Types of Wrist Watches

The history of the mass production of wrist watches dates back to the early 19th century. The watches were initially unisex but with time manufacturers saw the need to come up with models that fit a particular gender. These accessories have evolved with time, and different models suited different classes of people and made for varying reasons. The following are the most common types of watches on the market today.

Pilot watches

These accessories are most common in the aviation industry. Such watches have the capability of checking direction through their inbuilt compass. Most have materials that are resistant to weather variations as the pilots’ wave wade through various territories.


These types are treasured in racing and cycling activities where they are used to check time. The first model was developed in 1821 by the then Emperor of France, King Louis XVII. He was a fan of horse racing and wanted to know the exact time that his horse took to finish a race. A stopwatch is the simplest model and most common in activities that require basic time keeping. Advanced models come with multiple sub-dials that can measure tenths of a second, minutes or even hours.

Sport watches

These models cut across several classes of sports that require varying accessories. The divers have their unique models which are water resistant and can withstand varying weather conditions. The modern models come with heart beat monitors which are essential during workouts. Some have compasses and GPS which can help you get back on track in case you lose direction when jogging. Most of them are light and come with materials that absorb sweat to make them comfortable during exercises. Most athletes prefer huge models because they are convenient to check the time while still exercising.

Luxury watches

This class has some of the most elegant models of wrist watches. Their price is also favorable to most people, and a good number of individuals can afford to buy them depending on tastes and preferences. These brands come with varying wristbands, and some of the most famous materials are plastic, rubber and metallic. Models such as replica Rolex watches – Explorer, Daytona, Dubmariner.. are some of the most elegant watches you will find in the market. You can also find some with casings of materials such as silver and gold.

The choice of a wrist watch depends on the budget, taste, and preferences of the end users. Some features can overlap in certain classes.