Ensuring Dog Safety while Using Shock collar

A shock collar is an electronic device that helps you to train your dog regarding the desirable behavior and removal of unwanted barking and undesirable behavior. It is used by most of the dog owners to train their pet. While you are using a shock collar, it is also equally important to ensure the safety and security of your dog. Shock collars are used very freely by dog owners in order to bring the desirable behavioral changes in their dog as soon as possible. As it is said that “excess of everything is bad” same is the case in this situation as well. When overused, shock collars can cause harm as well.

Though shock collars are very beneficial in training the dog, they can also harm your dog in various ways if not used carefully and as recommended. This is the reason for which you need to first take training regarding how to use the shock collars. You can visit a shock collar safety website on http://www.dogshocktraining.com/safety/ that will guide you regarding the use of shock collars in a safe manner.

Safe Use of Shock Collars

Being an owner of the dog, it is your duty to train your dog as well as to prevent your dog from any harm of shock collar. Thus, it is very important for you to know and learn various safety measures to ensure dog’s safety and well-being. Following are the things that you need to consider:

  • Shock Collar Intensity: shocks provided by shock collars are known to be painful. Dogs stop doing the unwanted behavior when given the shock because they go through the pain. Dogs quit some particular behavior because they associate that behavior with the painful shock. Therefore, these shocks must be used by the owner when extremely necessary. Also, the intensity of shock should be kept very low because the aim of the owner should be to teach the dog to stop doing unwanted things, not to cause harm to it. There is a feature for adjusting the intensity of the shock. You should increase the intensity of shock only in extreme situations like if your dog is heading towards some danger or threat.
  • Understanding your pet: giving shocks can result in two situations. Either your dog will quit doing the unwanted behavior or it will become more aggressive and nervous because of the fear of the device. Thus, understanding your dog is very necessary when using a shock collar. Increasing the intensity of shocks will not always result in desired changes in dog’s behavior. It is possible that your dog is not able to understand the meaning of shocks and what is expected from it to do. In this case, there is no need to increase the intensity of shock as it will not help. You need to understand your dog and act accordingly.