How to Use a Supppository Applicator

Using a suppository applicator is an easy and hygienic way to deposit your suppository dose. The applicator is also helpful for menstruating women, who may have trouble inserting a suppository by hand or need lubrication to make the process more comfortable.

How to use a suppository applicator

To start, insert your suppository into the applicator. Then, gently push the plunger on the applicator to push the suppository deep into your vagina. If you’re using a pre-filled suppository applicator, it should already be filled with medication and ready for use.

Positions to use a suppository applicator

The best place to use a suppository applicator for most people is while lying in bed. This helps the suppository get pushed into your vagina and is easier to reach than standing or sitting.

Before you use a suppository applicator, wash your hands thoroughly to ensure the suppository is clean and free of germs. If your suppository is reusable, wash it in warm water and soap to keep it clean for future use.

Tips for inserting a suppository applicator

Some people find it difficult to use a suppository applicator, or they have long nails that make it hard to hold onto the suppository. If you have these issues, try putting a water-based lubricant on the tip of the suppository to make it easier to slide in and out of your vagina.

To make the insertion of your suppository applicator even easier, use a suppository pad to absorb leakage and protect your undergarments and bed linens.