Instagram Tips for Starters

So, the buzz around Instagram has led you to open a new account? Great move right there! But, before you get started, you have to know a few things. That way, you will make the most out of your experience.

Get the Followers

This is where you should start. In fact, there is no point in being on Instagram if you don’t have any followers. And, they don’t come as easy as you think. Sure, you may ask people within your circle to follow you but it takes more than 20 follows to make an impact on Instagram. So, what do you do? Buy them! Yes, you can purchase Instagram followers and likes.

Even then, investigate the company selling you the followers to make sure that it has a reputation of making good its promises. Avoid services such as InstAmigos because all they’ll do is take away your cash with zero results. Speaking of which, visit to read more about InstAmigos and the companies you should use instead.

Post Interesting Content

Your quest to become famous on Instagram is as good as the type of content that you post. Ensure that your photos are colorful and your videos are interesting. In other words, provide value to your followers more so if you want to create more engagement. Post content that elicits emotions, love, nostalgia and so on. Note – high-quality content tends to be the most responsive on Instagram.

Use the Filter Effect Sparingly

Instagram comes with a host of filters. While you can use them to enhance the style and overall appearance of your photos, don’t overdo it. Sure, you will attract more followers with your pictures, but you need to make sure that they look natural. And, the primary reason why this point is crucial is because filters are so tempting and most people don’t know when to stop using them.

Spare your Hashtags

Indeed, hashtags are a great way to boost your reach on Instagram. They help increase the level of engagement and attract new followers too. However, be careful not to use too many hashtags. Don’t bloat your captions with hashtags. Also, ensure that you’re using the relevant hashtags.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is taking over. However, you need to know what you are doing to create the impact that you want. Keep testing to see what’s working for you and capitalize on it. And oh, post regularly to keep your audience interested.