Pattern Hair Loss in Women

Studies show that millions of men suffer from pattern hair loss, but less is known about this condition in women, yet it occurs in nearly the same measure. Until recently, women had a few viable options to handle this condition, but research and technology have changed this.

It is called pattern hair loss because the hair inside a certain region experiences thinning, and eventually falls out. Hair outside this zone continues to grow well. This has led to the growth of the hair transplant industry because hair that is transplanted into this zone continues to grow properly.

Women and Pattern Hair Loss

In men, pattern hair loss leaves enough healthy hair regions for transplanting to the affected area. This is not the same case with women. For women, the hair loss usually occurs across the scalp, making it harder for them to get a hair transplant. However, the extent of hair loss in men is extensive and limited to a small part of the head, while in women it is less extensive and spread across the scalp.

What Most Women Do

The first thing that a woman does when faced with this dilemma is to go for hair thickening products, hoping that the issue will be handled once and for all. They opt for thickening mists, sprays and more, but this cannot work on naturally thinning hair. Eventually, the hair thins to that point that no amount of thickening spray hides the fact that you are losing hair.

The reason is that you are focusing on the wrong part of the hair. Instead of focusing on the living part, which is the hair follicle, you are busy spraying tons of mist on the non-living part, which is usually the visible hair.

Another thing that cannot work as you expect is the scalp massage. The theory has it that by massaging the scalp, you pull more oxygenated blood to it and make the hair grow thicker. Massaging the scalp with the invigorating scalp oils makes a good promise, but what you are massaging in the real sense is money into the oil company’s bank account.

The issue is not the scalp at all – it is all about the genetic factors that cannot be changed by use of hair vitamins.

What you need is to target the cause of the thinning hair. You can go here to learn more about the trends that make your hair more healthy, and those that damage it.