Selecting A Suitable Drill Bit For Your Project

A drill is an essential tool that makes work easier and enjoyable. However, without a good combination of the right drill and a suitable drill bit, you may enjoy the convenience and high performance. You can find a broad range of drills and drill bits suitable for varying types of jobs. Drills typically vary in length, shape, shaft spirals, angles, and drilling points. With the diverse drill bits types and designs available, choosing the right one might be a difficult task especially if you are buying for the first time.

Most buyers end up buying the wrong type simply because they did not search for guiding tips to help them pick a quality and suitable drill bit. It is crucial to understand that a drill bit lasts long only when used properly and for the right purpose. When you pick the right one for a particular project, you can use it for your convenience and enjoy desirable outcomes. Now that you have come across this article, checking for reviews and buying guides should be a priority when purchasing drill bits. Here are a few points to keep in mind when selecting drill bits for different purposes.

Shape Of The Drill Bit

Drill bits come in varying shapes and sizes. The most common bits have a twisted shaft even though the drilling point may be angled at different degrees. Most homeowners prefer a drill bit with a point angled at approximately 118 degrees as it is ideal for drilling holes in most household materials. Even though most people use the drill bit for various tasks, it is certainly not the best bit for every task. Always consider the shape of the bit with respect to the material you want to drill. For instance, a bit with an angled point around 90 degrees may be ideal for drilling plastics while an angled point around 130 degrees is more suitable for drilling metals.

The Drill Bit  Material

Besides the shape, drill bits are made of different materials. Low-carbon steel is one of the most common materials used to design drill bits. It is, however, not suitable for drilling metals and it often wears out quickly even when used on wood. The high-speed steel is the best bit material for use on PVC, hardwood, and most metals since it can withstand heat and corrosion. The high-speed steel may be coated with a titanium, diamond powder or carbide to make it suitable for drilling steel. Drill bits containing cobalt may be tough enough to drill hard metals like steel even though they heat up fast. With this guidelines, you are likely to choose a quality drill bit for your project.