Swayback Posture: The Consequence of Modern Sedentary Lifestyle

Does your stomach move outward and become emphasized when you stand up? Moreover, do you also have a forward head and a hunched upper back? In that case, you likely have swayback posture, mainly due to tight hip flexors. Even worse, it ruins not only your body form but also may cause long-term physical complications.

A Sedentary Lifestyle Ruins Posture

Hip flexors act to push your hips upwards to your torso, making your buttocks and abs firm while your lumbar spine becomes less curved. As a result, your posture is correct, from the lower body up to your head. When you sit all day either at home or work, your hip flexor muscles become shorter and tighter. Consequently, your hips drag backward and downward, your belly and lower back move ahead, your upper back forms a hump, and your head tilts toward the front. Overall, it causes you to appear bulky, grotesque, and sluggish.

Health Conditions Caused by Swayback

One complaint that often comes with swayback or hyperlordosis is muscle pain. Muscle spasms are usually the cause of this type of pain, thanks to the extra stress and weight that the lower back or the lumbar spine experiences. If posture continues to worsen, one may suffer from chronic or long-term back pain.

Another pair of problems is forward head movement and hunchback, which often leads to long-term damage to blood vessels, joints, muscles and nerves of the neck. Moreover, one may experience nausea, fatigue, neck pain, and vertigo or balance issues. Also, it is important to note that a forward head and a hunchback can lower the self-esteem of a person.

Possible Solutions

To correct swayback posture, one must fix a problem in his or her lower body musculature, specifically the hip flexors that have become tight over their lack of use. One can perform physical therapeutic exercises, either by the suggestion of a physical therapist, physician, or even a medical book. If you would like to start on your own, you may want to check https://freeyourspine.info/best-books-for-back-pain/ for ideal books for back pain. Lastly, two popular exercises that work for most people are the glute bridge and third world squats, search videos of these online if you would like to learn.


Overall, swayback posture is merely a product of people’s modern, sedentary lifestyle and it affects a considerable portion of the population. Besides ruining someone’s appearances, the condition may lead to further long-term complications. Its common cause is tight hip flexors, which one may correct with physical therapeutic exercises.