Three Elements of an Outstanding Website

Three Elements of an Outstanding Website

So, you want to have your own website — to be exact, an outstanding one.

While it can be easy (and free) to create websites nowadays, you should be willing to take an alternative route. You should be willing to invest time, money, effort, and other resources for your own website to stand out. Especially if you’re planning on launching it to a grand audience and monetizing it eventually, you should aim for the best.

Remember, the web is one competitive place. To be on top of your game, you should learn to step up.

Here’s a list containing the three elements of an outstanding website:

1 – Informative Content

Firstly, for a visitor to deem it outstanding, your website should be valuable. Its content should feature relevant information. It’s also advisable to have it contain keywords and key phrases, which can engage a visitor.

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2 – Excellent Navigation

Your website should also feature an excellent navigation system. Landing on the homepage is just the start. The other sections should be easily accessible to a visitor because if a section of your website successfully caught his interest, he’d want to look further.

If your website’s navigation system isn’t clear and direct, a visitor may end up feeling lost. So, if he feels lost, he’d rather go to some other website where he can find his way.

3 – Fast Loading Times

Lastly, don’t undermine the importance of a fast-loading website. Waiting a minute for a website to load is already too long. So, think of using small (and resized) images and CSS sprites for your website.

Make it responsive, too. This way, your website is functional regardless of your visitor being on his desktop computer or mobile device.

Otherwise, a visitor is unlikely to stay on your website. While he may want to check out your offers, he’d more likely go to another website that won’t make him wait.

The Bottom Line

Overall, your website should be attractive to a target audience. Apart from its ability to engage a visitor, it should be captivating and useful.

It should feature an appropriate design, too. If you’re aiming for a professional look, consider a minimalistic theme. If you want something friendly and funky, you may opt for a more colorful vibe.

Put yourself in a visitor’s shoes. Wouldn’t you want to go — and possibly return – to a website that’s informative and user-friendly?