Valuable Information about Kitchen Sinks and Taps

Sink is the most used area in the kitchen. It is vital to wash hands, rinse vegetables, and clean the platform after cooking. Therefore, it is necessary to select the right size, style, material and accessories that suit your needs.

Kitchen sinks can be grouped in two categories

Under counter sinks – These are installed under the kitchen bench top. It gets supported from kitchen cabinet or hung underside directly. Under counter sinks enable you to clean the bench top easily. Fluid or food does not get trapped within the kitchen sink edges.

Drop-in sinks – This sink is just dropped within the kitchen bench top cut-out. The sinks edge overlaps the cut-out and so when liquid or food is wiped from the bench top, it gets trapped in that cavity making it difficult to clean completely.

Kitchen sink styles

You will be able to look through the variety of styles at PimpMySink to get an idea.

  • Large, single sink
  • Two different size basins
  • Two equal size basins
  • Three basins
  • Farm house
  • Built-in drain board
  • Curved sink with two basins

Kitchen sink materials


Ceramic material is popular because of its robustness. It can handle daily usage without getting scratched but clean the heavy cutlery and pots carefully or it can chip any kind of sink, if handled carelessly.

Ceramic sink is resistant to hot pots or frozen foods and regular household chemicals. Terracotta sinks can be cleaned easily and are very hygienic. You get to select from an array of colours, shapes and sizes.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel –

  • Can be installed easily
  • Is cheaper
  • Is durable and practical
  • Only needs a top mount support due to its lightweight
  • Is resistant to heat, cleaning products, cracking, peeling and chipping
  • Can match any kind of fixtures, fittings, and appliances

Stainless steel is prone to water spotting and scratching but with satin finish, it can offer extra protection.


Granite is not just beautiful but functional. It resists heating, staining, chipping and scratching. It blends nicely with granite worktops. It gives both a traditional and modern look. You get many colours to select from.

Things to consider, while choosing a tap

Looking at the variety of taps can be overwhelming but you need to consider water pressure. Majority of taps are functional with the standard water pressure. There are some like mixer taps that need high water pressure. Taps need not be considered as an ornamental fitting. After you confirm the water pressure level consider tap size. Small sinks means small taps and vice versa.