What Your Scent Says About You

We all want a scent that makes us stand out in a crowd. Think of your scent like a profile photo. You most definitely want it to attract attention. It should be something that people find difficult to forget. Your scent speaks volumes about you. If you are on a date, for example, your partner will quickly know your personality simply by smelling you. Scents evoke certain feelings. There are those scents that you want to be around and associate with the wearer, some you want to feel occasionally then there are those worth making your signature.

Here is what your scent says about you:

Floral scent

You are a happy woman. You are very easy and have a lot of friends. You are always in high spirit and like to treat yourself to the fine things of this world. You dress chicly, and your clothes fit you perfectly. Wearers of this scent are strong ladies who value themselves.

Fresh scents

People cannot simply have enough of you. You show up and run the show. You are dazzling and appreciate your friends. You accompany your man wherever and looks the pack. Always looking good and smelling fresh.

Fruity scents

Ladies who love this scent are an active addiction. They are dependable, and you can call them up when you are stuck. They have occasional mood swings so men who date such ladies should be patient and wait until they are ready for him.

Earthy scents

This woman is an explorer. She sees a challenge and goes for it and is not worried about getting dirty. She is bold and takes risks. Her man is likely to discover more. She stands out with her dressing style that so many people covet but find it difficult to pull.

Sweet scents

You can not have enough of her. She is the kind who will lighten your mood on a bad day. She wears clothes and jewelry that makes her stand out just like her personality and charisma. This lady prefers to play it cool with the boys and love her female company a lot.

The classic scent

This woman is refined, polished and loves the fine things in life. She is not easily moved and is not afraid of speaking out her mind if she doesn’t like something. She also wears the latest and high-end trends. She knows her worth and does not need a man to validate her. The man in her life will only compliment her because she is accomplished on her own.

Choosing the right perfume that gives the right impression about you may be difficult, and that is why you have to carry out due diligence to ensure that you don’t end up with the wrong perfumes. Go for scents that make you stand out and accentuate your personality. For more insight on how to choose your fragrance, be sure to check Your Scent is Your Signature.